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5 Ways to Encourage Participants at Large Events to Utilize the Dumpsters

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Whether you are arranging a spring fun run for your community or hosting an annual school fair, if you organize any large event, then you will most likely have to deal with a large amount of trash. It is important to encourage participants and guests to use proper waste disposal receptacles, such as trash cans and dumpsters, during and after the event. Otherwise, your event grounds may become unpleasant and dangerous during the event and your cleanup efforts will have to be increased. Encouraging participants to use proper receptacles for their trash is simple, but you have to take active steps toward encouraging proper behavior both before and during the event. 

1. Secure Enough Dumpsters

The first step to help your participants use the dumpsters at your event is to make sure that you have enough dumpsters. If your dumpsters get too full throughout the course of the event, trash will start to build up next to them and, eventually, participants will not see the point of making a trip to the overflowing dumpsters at all. 

Most dumpster rental companies can help you determine how many dumpsters you will need to contain the trash at your event. However, you should be prepared to provide the company with an idea of how many participants you expect as well as what types of trash will be produced at the event. When calculating trash, do not forget to include trash the vendors may have behind the scenes, such as bulk food boxes. 

2. Place Dumpsters Strategically 

Your dumpsters are less likely to be used if your participants have to go out of their way to find them. However, you do not want them to be a large distraction in the center of your event. Ideally, your dumpsters will be spaced out through the event grounds. You may want to provide several smaller waste containers in the main event area that volunteers regularly empty in dumpsters that are located near the exits of the event. 

3. Advertise the Event as a Green Event 

Getting your participants to think about trash and the environment before they even set foot inside your event can help create a culture of respect that could result in less trash pickup at the end of the event. Simply advertising your event as "green" shifts participants' focus to environmental concerns. Of course, if you advertise as a green event, it is a good idea to include environmental activities or other methods to reduce waste as well.

4. Post Signs for the Dumpsters

If people are excited about your event, they may not want to stop what they are doing to look for a trash can. Posting fun, creative signs can draw attention to your dumpsters, making them easy to find and part of the overall experience of your event. One Danish experiment found that when green footprints were painted on the ground leading to recycling bins, 46% less trash was littered in the area. 

If painting the ground is not an option, you can post signs with sassy comments, encouraging participants to keep going to find the trash cans. 

5. Make Announcements during the Event 

Finally, you should make announcements during the event to remind participants to use the designated trash cans. Depending on the tone of your event, these can be fun announcements that do not have to shame participants. For example, you can include interesting facts about trash or litter in each announcement to help grab participants' attention. 

Providing proper receptacles during your event is half the battle of reducing post-event cleanup. However, even with a strong awareness, you should still have time and resources allotted to proper event cleanup. Get in touch with a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc for dumpster rental and further ideas to convince your guests to use them.